Less is more…(I think?)

Whilst we wargamers always seem to get distracted when a new Kickstarter appears (yup guilty as charged..) or another shiny wargame rule set appears on BOLS, White Dwarf or random gaming website. We can’t seem to resist investing more time and (unfortunately) large amounts of money into a new (and foolish) venture, sometimes realising that this new venture wasn’t as exciting or wise as was first thought. We then (sometimes) feel stupid for doing so.

Therefore, after a big sort out through the games cupboard – I’ve decided to cut down on the ‘crap’ and stick to 5 main game systems that I want to invest my time into. I also don’t need to spend any more money (for the time being at least…) ūüėä

Final 5 systems ¬†I’m sticking with for 2017 are:

  • The Hobbit SBG
  • Deadzone 2nd Edition
  • Kings of War
  • Age of Sigmar
  • 40K (will be 8th edition)

Down the pecking order, but keepers are:

  • Flames of War 3rd (with 4th Edition updates)
  • Dropzone Commander
  • Dark Souls Boardgame

Doh, hypocrite I know, but still waiting for Dark Souls Kickstarter 2nd Wave and can’t wait for this bad boy to arrive in December? or early 2018?? none other than..Mythic Battles Pantheon :0)



Post Ardacon Part 1- now that the dust has settled..

Great three days up in Manchester. All round fantastic experience. Massive kudos to James for designing and running the whole event by himself – although his family and friends were always on hand to help with various tasks throughout the weekend. I hope he gets help with the admin tasks (from tallying up the points, judging etc) next year.

Finally got to meet up with my 4 fellow team members for the tournament (none of us had previously met). A couple of weeks before Ardacon, James realised that a few ‘orphans’ without a team, could join together as a team of Southerners. Gathering us together on facebook messenger, we decided on a name, and imagery to define the new team called The Southfarthing Strays. I designed the logo below for the T-shirts that we’d have to get printed pronto.


With a few minor tweaks (typeface etc) , all five T-shirts got printed in time. The final version saw the above image printed all in white against a black T-shirt backdrop.

Part 2 will detail the force I took up there along with a summary of each of the four games I played.

Note..there were 6 games all in all but I only played 4 of them. Will reveal all in the next part….

Ardacon 2016- 20 Days left for preperation…

Long time since my last post….

Hobbit SBG time :0) Love it, great game, great crowd and still only played……. (counting on my fingers now)….6 games all in all, but loved every single game! Hehe, won’t talk about my win ratio :0)

So, without further ado, it’s time to get cracking on with the Mordor force again. Using the same rank and file Orcs that I painted for Desolation of Stockport, I’ll be adding a handful of Warg riders. Mounted Black Numenorians and a big creature or two. When I come back to this post, I’ll add pics and show the prep I’ve been up to. Till then..

‘Mental’ note to self..base colour scheme

Mental note to myself here. Nothing exciting for anyone else reading, except myself. Started painting the new Finland force (using suggested colour schemes as indicated in The Flames of War Eastern Front & Grey Wolf books). However, I want the whole army to have the bases/ground colours looking identical (especially if there are long gaps between painting different companies/tanks etc).

Base colour scheme – All Vallejo Model Colour

  • Black basecoat
  • Leather Brown drybrush
  • Flat Earth drybrush
  • PVA/Brown earth flock
  • Once dry, cover brown earth with dark green ink (to represent forest floor leaves)
  • Drybrush (leaves) with old goblin green (bright green paint)

Wow..that post was exciting! :0)

Useful for me though…till next time, hopefully photos will emerge…..

Finland Forest Reunion



Wow! I didn’t think I’d be heading down this road again (a woodland road at that!) Waay back in time, I had a dedicated FOW blog called Amoreflamesofwar (it’s still out there if you fancy a look ¬†–¬†https://amoreflamesofwar.wordpress.com/

Due to one reason or another I stopped playing Flames of War and sold my Finnish force. Stupid is as stupid does and with plenty of egg on my face, I’m starting up another Finnish Force. Doh!!

So, doing a stock check of what FOW stuff was left in the attic, I was lucky that I still had had an unopened copy of the Open Fire big starter box (including 2 German Stugs and 2 Pak 40’s which are idea for a Late War Finnish Force) Next, I bought cheap copies of the Eastern Front and Grey Wolf books from Ebay. On the miniatures front the following units were purchased: I managed to get these really cheap too from my local games shop along with sneaky cheap bids on Ebay


x1 Jaakari Platoon metal blister 

x1 Jalkavaki Platoon metal blister 

x1 Pioneer Platoon metal blister 

x2 Machine Gun metal blister

x2 Sturmi Assault resin/metal blister

x2 Landsverk Anti II Aircraft Guns resin/metal blister

x2 BT-42 Assault Guns resin/metal blister


x2 Pstk/37 Pak36 Anti Tank Guns with Stielgranate ammo. Metal blister

x2 Pstk/38 Pak 38 metal blister

x1 81mm Mortar Platoon metal blister

x2 120mm Mortar Platoon metal blisters

x1 Pioneer Platoon metal blister

x2 Pak40 Anti Aircraft Guns plastic blisters

x2 Stug Assault Guns plastic blisters


x10 T-26 Tanks Zvezda plastic blisters

x3 T-34 Tanks Zvezda plastic blisters

All the above cobbled together for no more than ¬£60 (not including the German plastic Pak40’s and Stugs (as I had those already from Open Fire)

I’ll still need the following units below:

x3 BA-10 Armoured Cars Zvezda plastic blisters

x4 76 K/02 Artillery Guns Finland metal blisters

x2 T-26 Command Tanks Metal, resin or plastic blisters

Now to stock up on paints, glue, varnish and the army painter gloop. Here we go again…………:0)



Desolation of Stockport: Finished painting

Typing this on Friday 22nd April, a day before Desolation of Stockport at The North West Gaming Centre/Element Games in Stockport. Didn’t blog yesterday so quickly showing the finished models before travelling up.


Above the display boards painted and ready to go.


‘George’ the Great Beast of Gorgoroth¬†along with his crew all packed onboard the ‘party bus’.


Before Ardacon, I’ll finish this off by re-doing the base and altering the colour of the horn, eyes, hooves, adding more rocks and details to the base. One thing I did notice after gluing the model on the base was that it looks like he’s hovering (see below). Ah well!


Orcs Рloads of em! This is the main reason why I was so behind painting everything else. Originally going to take hordes of basic orcs. Here are all the boys together  (this is all the orcs before deciding on my final list)


The all singing and dancing orc troupe


Orcs with shields front row, spears second/third row, hand weapons third and bows fourth.


Picture below shows everybody picture together.¬†This time including the Numenorean Marshall (who’s ¬†no longer coming to the party).


Below are the shots of the final warband I’ve decided on taking (I still may change the ratio of of spears/shields in the list). The bow armed orcs in the centre are just there to represent any orcs that fall off the GBG should it fall to its doom in battle.


And that’s it (for painting anyway). Enjoyed it overall but realised the only way you can get better is by keeping up the painting without large gaps. Have to practice on at least one new mini a week.

Signing off now and will be up in Stockport later on tonight. Cheers.




Absolutely Awesome Tournament! Thank you Mr Jamie and James for putting on a tip top show and the whole weekend was fantastic from start to finish. Loved the informal feel and community spirit of the whole event. The added bonus of beers beers and curry on the Saturday night was great too.Can’t wait for the next one. For me this will be Ardacon in October :0) Whooop!

Enjoyed every single game against really sporting opponents. The game against GBHL’s Harry’s Shire Folk was hilarious as his Shirriffs took down the Great Beast of Gorgoroth itself! I posted the evidence on the GBHL Facebook page :0)

Will try and insert a few pictures of the day in this slot (just ignore the original date of the post) as I didn’t get round to doing an after tournament report on this very blog.

Desolation of Stockport: Painting Day 5

Time running out now with one day left for painting (as I travel up on Friday). Finished off Great Beast tonight along with the Orc Shaman. Whilst painting the Orc shaman skin (sort of greyish brown) realised I’ve painted all my orcs with the wrong skin colour (brown). Ah, tough! Will have to do for now and re-paint them for October.

Great Beast progress:


Still to do = the base and attach the orcs (that’ll be interesting). Will have to varnish GBG before I do that to prevent paint damage. Job for tomorrow as too late now.

Orc Shaman – 2nd in Command:


Crappy photos, but as mentioned his skin looks far better than the Orc warriors. Guess it must be that I’m used to painting 28mm now (after painting 6mm Epic troops for so long).

Vanilla Ringwraith General:


Again blurry photos.

Final mention for tonight..

I realised I didn’t have anything to present my warbands on (i.e display board or tray). Whilst I’m happier with the Shaman and GBG than the rest of the troops, I’d say they’re good tabletop standard. Thats it! ¬†Still, at a desperate attempt to make them look better, I came up with a plan.

I realised that a couple of years back (on this very blog) I made some tester boards for the Epic Armageddon Tournament (I made three 6×4 scenery boards – Lava World, Ice World and Wasteland World). See this link:¬†https://wargamerama.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/exeter-entrenchment-7-days-to-go/¬†Before making these, I made up three A4 tester boards from foamboard and plywood. Unfortunately, the lava tester has totally ‘disappeared’. Left with the Ice world and Wasteland testers, these had to be re-painted to match the black/grey Mordor looking bases.

Here are a couple of the testers before re-painting:


Will come back tomorrow with final update and show of all the miniatures.

Must say, with lots going on outside this hobby blog at the moment, I’m not really in the right headspace to chill out painting at the mo. Will hopefully do some painting again (after this) once things have calmed down and i’m more in the ‘zone’. Still, pleased I’m slowly getting better at painting. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing miniature painting at DOS to get some inspiration and pick up a few tips.

Till tomorrow..